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Ontario JHSC Certification now Available Online and Distance Learning



Safe & Defensive Driving



Governments want companies and organizations to utilize effective H&S Programs to ensure Regulatory Compliance and improve workplace safety.

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"Working From Home"

 Has become a NEW NORM for many Canadians but although it may sound like a new kind of freedom, it is not without its challenges. This new course concerns itself with the mental well-being of those who now find themselves working from home. A very worth while 15 minutes!

Can You Afford to be TICKETED?

Avoid costs from ticketing by Government officers and inspectors. In Ontario. The OHSA allows inspectors to issue tickets on site to employers, supervisors and workers for specific contraventions. 




Employer failing to ensure that a worker completes the Ontario’s mandatory health and safety awareness training program –

Ticket - $550 per employee

Supervisor failing to ensure a worker wears protective footwear that complies with Section 23 of Ont. Reg. 213/91 –

Ticket - $450 per employee

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InFuse Compliance System now offers a complete set of Mobility-Friendly tools to make Workplace Inspections, Hazard Assessments, PPE & First Aid Assessments, Incident & Accident Reports, RTW and much more easy to carry out and instantly incorporate into your HSE program.


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