Can You Afford to be TICKETED?

Avoid costs from ticketing by Government officers and inspectors. In Ontario. The OHSA allows inspectors to issue tickets on site to employers, supervisors and workers for specific contraventions. 




Employer failing to ensure that a worker completes the Ontario’s mandatory health and safety awareness training program –

Ticket - $550 per employee

Supervisor failing to ensure a worker wears protective footwear that complies with Section 23 of Ont. Reg. 213/91 –

Ticket - $450 per employee


Why delay because of COVID-19 Restrictions?

Electrical Utility Safety Rules


The EUSR 2019 Rules and Explanations ONLINE COURSE offers the complete alternative to classroom training. Contact us for details.

Manage your COVID-19 Operations with your INFUSE Compliance System

✓   Mobility-friendly Inspection Check List

✓   Monitor Required Guidelines

✓   Instantly Record Performance

✓   Communicate to Employees

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✓   Ensure Employee Compliance

✓   Generate Immediate Corrective Measures

✓   Prove Your Compliance

✓   Pass Inspections


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Putting on and Removing Your

New - Special Course Package

InFuse now offers a Special courses package designed for contractor and utility
personnel involved with ground disturbance.
Avoid disastrous Utility Infrastructure STRIKES and work safety during
excavations including Trenching.
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